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A 12-year-old Lab mix diagnosed with liver and lung cancer regains his appetite and becomes more himself after his owner gives him a cannabis tincture purchased from a licensed medical marijuana dispensary.These stories offer hope to those of us who live with aging and/or infirm dogs, hope that we can improve the quality of their lives and perhaps even extend them.DOWNLOAD the PDF registration form Click any photo to enlarge.Then, click the left or right side of the enlarged photo to view other photos.It’s easy to think of Morse code as an outdated system of communication.After all, when was the last time the postman came to your door and handed you a telegram?(CAQH) will collect the data required for our credentialing and recredentialing process.

However, we’d argue that the underlying ability to communicate via Morse code remains an extremely important skill to this day. Naval Aviator Jeremiah Denton was taken prisoner by the North Vietnamese after the A-6A Intruder jet he was piloting was shot down over the city of Thanh Hoa.August 7–14, 2011 IF YOU ONLY GO ON ONE CRUISE, MAKE IT THIS ONE! Donald Prothero to discover how glaciers form, and how they have changed throughout the planet’s history.We have selected the best glacier cruise that we could find and added lectures from a world-renowned panel of distinguished experts for a hands-on voyage of discovery into the science of glaciers and climate change. Learn about the science of ice cores and other climate indicators, and what they tell us about climates past and future.Even more hopeful is the fact that these aren’t isolated incidents, but rather, three in an ever-increasing narrative of companion animals and cannabis- assisted healing.Yet, veterinarians played little to no official role in them. Because (aka marijuana, grass, pot, hash, ganja, et al.)— a plant cultivated for literally thousands of years for its seeds, fibers and medicinal value—is a federally designated Schedule 1 controlled substance, a “drug with no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse.” So, even if vets believe that medical marijuana could or would relieve a dog’s pain, nausea or seizures, their hands are tied, including in the 23 states and the District of Columbia where cannabis is legal for human medical use.This cookie stores just a session ID; no other information is captured.

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